The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo is an incredible hidden objects game

The Count of Monte Cristo is a great hidden objects game based on the famous novel from Alexander Dumas.
As in the novel, the count has been taken prisoner to the castle in the island of Iff after a conspiracy against him was done. At the first level of the game you are at his cell and the objective is to find some items that will help you to scape from the castle and the island as well. Once free you must put the pieces of a map together, so you can start investigating 8 different crime suspects.
During the game you will have to choose which suspect you will focus your investigation. Once you decide the suspect, you will use the map in order to decide the places where you will be searching for suspicious objects and possible clues; after you get the different items of each stage, discover how to use them in order to discover who is guilty.
The game has two different modes, normal time mode and extended time mode.
You can configure additional features like 3D mode and the cursor. If you have a good graphic card on our pc, we recommend you to play the 3D mode, the graphics are really amazing.

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